What We do



We make television shows with passion, artistry and energy.

The work we produce includes groundbreaking documentaries and music shows, short films and entertainment formats for clients like Channel 4, the BBC and MTV.

Our burgeoning reputation and portfolio represents a new movement in television production. We think this is an incredibly exciting time to be producing broadcast programming.

We are creating quality television at the heart of a multi-platform, multi-screen experience and are fully engaged in developing and executing ideas we believe can help re-invigorate a timid and increasingly stale medium.

Leading edge in both attitude and values, our belief is new video platforms should be embraced.

It's time to look beyond the linear structures, which have guided our viewing habits for 50 years – there are now so many exciting ways to tell a story!

Our new school attitude is combined with old school production values and experience.

We pride ourselves on delivering consistently engaging content to major broadcasters that is always characterised by its originality, energy and love for what we do.


For our generation brands are an integral part of the complex and beautiful matrix of connections that we call culture.

Our culture is a young, exciting world of possibility. We inhabit this world. We know how crucial young people are to interpretation of brand messages and maximization brand value.

We produce ad funded programming, digital content, integrated campaigns and commercials. Whether for online or television we combine ingenious ideas, quality production and cutting edge photographic techniques.


Music will always be at the heart of what we do.
First and foremost we are fans.

We are still at the gigs, still raving, playing music too loud in our earphones and always looking to find what's next…

We gave television debuts to Tinie Tempah, Magnetic Man, Wretch 32, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Labrinth and have consistently stayed ahead of the curve of popular music. Consequently we have developed fantastic relationships with management, labels and most importantly, the artists.

We always try to be original, be engaged. We care about the way music is presented, whether it's the sensitive treatment of an acoustic track or mental graphics shocking out a dubstep bassline!

From multi-camera live performances, acoustic sessions, films and entertainment formats we create truly resonating music content.