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7th February 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

Our first ever Lemonade Money commission! Oh it was all so simple then… Well, not really, knee deep mud at Bestival, torrential rain and a collapsed stage at Gatecrasher all captured on the trusty Sony Z1 (old school!)

James: “This was just a blag really. I’d shot stuff for MTV in the past and they asked me if I wanted to do it again. I said ‘yeah but can I do it through my company’. They said ‘yeah’ and gave us £30k to do three hour long shows. It was such a shit summer weather wise though it was a nightmare.

Phil: “The first one was Gatecrasher. Someone died in one of the tents, the main field stank of chicken shit, one of the main arenas shut down because it was waterlogged. You still have to make it look hype and like everyone was having a good time. It was a nightmare, but it was fun.

James: “It wasn’t fun. Was it fun when we were staying in that hotel on the motorway that looked like it was used to murder prostitutes and the fire alarm went off at four in the morning?We were sat in our pants having KFC for breakfast everyday with rain pissing against the window. I wanted to cry.”

Phil: “It was fun. We were all in it together. I did admittedly resign at Bestival.

James: “Someone threw a mud pie in his face when he was doing vox-pops. It had been glorious every year for Bestival.


That year was so wet two cameras got water logged in the first four hours. We had this nice set up for interviews and it rained so much not one band would leave their cabin apart from Hot Chip. Big up Hot Chip!”

Phil: “We did an interview with George Clinton. We were led to this kind of trailer and he was sat in the back in pitch black, no lights! He was just sat there in the dark. We couldn’t make head nor tail of what he was saying, he walks round with this bloke called Pooh Man who wears a nappy.

We need to find those rushes man…”