• Track of the week | EKKAH ‘FIGURE IT OUT’

    15th May 2014 — Big Tunes / The Blog

    This has just come to my attention and suitably stopped me at my desk and I was suddenly slumped in my paddling pool in a backyard in miami sipping whiskey sours while my two very beautiful assistants washed my impala. Then I woke up and witnessed Faraz’s burrito leak juice all over the office floor. Still, this duo are ones to keep an eye out for and I’m sure we have a summer anthem on our hands. LISTEN TO THAT BASSLINE, if you where into The Internets track, ‘Dontcha’ you’ll be feeling this.

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  • Lemonade Money Crate Dig | Dark Days

    7th May 2014 — The Blog / Word on the Street

    Here’s where we’ll be dusting off old gems that deserve pulling out and sharing. This week we bring to you ‘Dark Days’ by british film maker Marc Singer. A documentary originally made to help the homeless that were living in the abandoned section of the New York underground railway system in what was also known as the Freedom Tunnel. Singer had never previously directed anything before and used this opportunity as a means to better help the ones living in the subway tunnels financially, eventually helping them from the tunnels and into their own apartments. However you need to see this documentary to really appreciate the community they built underground, it goes a little further than just cardboard boxes and sleeping bags..

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  • Track of the week | JON WALTZ – BANG

    2nd May 2014 — Big Tunes / Dope Videos / The Blog

    John Merizalde initially grabbed our attention when he directed the most recent  video for Cozz, ‘Dreams’. Here we’re introduced to Jon Waltz who’s undoubtedly sowing the seed and firmly anchoring down his name in the game with this track and video. It’s not since I saw Louis M^ttrs video for ‘War with Heaven’ have i seen such a cinematically orchestrated video, something of which I hope other new artists take note of when attempting to shine brighter than the next.

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  • Run bruv, FASTER BRUV!

    16th April 2014 — The Blog / Word on the Street

    A big shout out to our man Mr.Graham Proud for completing sundays marathon at 3:13 (hours and minutes not minutes and seconds). Lemonade’s PD managed to raise over £5k for MIND and has been wearing his medal around the office all week. Nice one Graham, next big event in the calendar is our Producer Jason making it in before 10am, Best of luck Jason we’re all rooting for you.


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    16th April 2014 — Big Tunes / Dope Videos / The Blog

    Easily without doubt our track of the week. Ratking are stampeding full force and coming for the title. After the release of they’re hugely successful track So Sick Stories featuring King Krule, they’re reeling off the videos from the new album ‘So It Goes’. A breath of fresh air from these young New Yorkers who will be on London soil in May.


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  • Three to None

    6th March 2014 — The Blog / Word on the Street

    Yesterday, in our office, it started as a chat. Quickly escalated to a discussion. Then descended into a full blown, stand-up, passionate argument.


    Is BBC Three worth fighting for? Worth saving? Worth anything to the audience it purports to represent?


    We’re proud of Lemonade Money’s staff demographic – the majority of which fit squarely into the 16 to 34 year old age bracket that BBC Three is remitted to serve. But as the, frankly astonishing, news trickled in that the youth broadcaster was to be closed and the brand “moved online” the first reactions from the younger members of the team were equally cutting.


    “Meh. I don’t watch BBC Three anyway.”


    Let’s be clear – this is not an argument about content. You can shout ‘2 Pints! Coming Of Age! That mad Danny Dyer UFO thing??!’ all you want. You can point and laugh at 60 Second News and its, almost insulting, use of ‘graphics’. And I’ll be the first to join you in a more serious conversation about the horrible format habit of old adults pointing and tutting at young people as they try and discover their identity. Yes, BBC Three’s content has had more than it’s fair share of misses.


    But by being drawn into and seduced by a tit-for-tat discussion about individual shows, we in risk missing the real story. A story about what TV is for.


    I love television. The debate around broadcast and its relevance in a connected world is alive and fascinating. I firmly believe that scheduled programming on television continues to be the best-in-class method to provoke debate, create stars, establish brands, entertain and provide a unique shared experience that is not possible to replicate in any other way. Look at the top trends on twitter on any given evening if you don’t believe me.


    So when I hear (predominantly young people) cry, “TV is dead!” – I take it personally. Because it isn’t true. It’s just not working hard enough for you.


    What is being proposed is an abandonment of young British audiences on a public service broadcaster that they also pay for. We are signalling very clearly to an entire generation that they are not important enough for the BBC to take seriously; that they are not important enough to be represented, challenged and served in a full and appropriate way. That, rather than meet the difficult challenge of making good content for young audiences, we would rather walk away defeated.


    With that attitude, how can we be surprised when they turn back to us and say ‘we don’t watch TV’?


    But the danger here stretches far beyond what the audience finally get’s to see. A decision is being made that the best way for the BBC to make savings is with deep cuts into commissioning budgets for specific audiences. We are punishing the reckless overnight fag packet licence fee negotiation and incompetent management of the Digital Media Initiative, by taking money away from the creative community who believe that British youth culture deserves a real and significant platform. And yes, we at Lemonade Money feel very much part of those being robbed.


    Furthermore, this is now a game of licence fee chicken. The equation used to be simple – in return for live broadcast TV, you set up a life long direct debit and grumble at the bill once a quarter before again being convinced of it’s huge value. BBC Three’s audience by definition are the same generation that will have to apply for their first TV licence. By removing a live broadcast service for young adults, why should we expect them to start paying a licence for a service that the BBC are unwilling to offer them?


    But the real disaster is further down the road – where a generation of young artists will no longer see TV as their canvas. Young journalists replaced by point and laugh reality stars. Cutting edge video directors being shepherded off to self publish online. Smart, intelligent and compelling young contributors, being left ignored by broadcast and silenced by public service. That’s not just sad. It’s dangerous.


    Let’s be clear – ‘Young people don’t watch TV’ is not an excuse. It’s a huge, exciting, rewarding challenge. A challenge that I personally refuse to walk away from.


    So I ask that The BBC Trust strike down this plan with force and further compel the industry to do much, much more to celebrate and represent the best in British youth culture on television.


    #saveBBC3 #saveyouthculture #saveTV


    Faraz Osman.

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  • OFEI

    3rd March 2014 — Big Tunes / The Blog / Word on the Street

    There’s a man we know, he’s got the body of a spartan and his own personal ‘locktician’. His name is OFEI… get to know.


    This is the previous video he released for his song ‘tomorrow’. If you hang on just a little while, the Lemonademoney collab will surely reach your screens and touch you inappropriately.


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  • LM PICK OF THE WEEK: Kanye West’s Workout plan

    14th February 2014 — Big Tunes / Dope Videos / The Blog

    Blowing out the candles on the 10th anniversary of the incredible ‘College Dropout’, an album that changed all of our lives, the office goons decided that ‘Workout Plan’ has to be our pick of the week. Both because we’re all getting a bit tubby and to remember that Kayne knew how to have fun BEFORE HE BECAME A ABSOLUTE DICK. Hell, we’d still party with him though. Some say were living in the past but nevertheless, this video is jokes, check it out!


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  • The Origins of House

    31st January 2014 — Latest News / Our Work / The Blog

    Directed by one of our own, Jeremy Cole, the origins of house is a journey to the real roots of house and back. What’s that you say? So Bass Hunter didn’t invent house music?… f*ck no… educate yourselves.


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  • Hummus The Tank Engine

    8th November 2013 — Funny sh*t / The Blog

    We recently welcomed the newest and possibly the most intelligent member of the Lemonade Money crew. His impact has been immediate, with the office space now taking on a whole new image.


    Where shawarma wraps once dominated we now have a jungle of Guardian coffee cups whilst chat of Obama’s latest viral video fills the air. We love having Faraz here so we’ve decided to document the middle class surge that will inevitably lead to us being called Organic Lemonade Money.


    So with out further ado, here is Faraz’s middle class comment of this week;


    ‘it’s not as bad as the time someone threw some Bucksfizz over my laptop whilst I was djing’


    To hear more of his insightful musings you can follow him on Twitter: @farazosman


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  • IP Freely

    18th October 2013 — The Blog

    The gaming community is the undisputed king of IP exploitation. Countless homemade comedies, fan art, surreal fiction, podcasts, music videos, walkthroughs and let’s plays all ape the most popular video games and flood the internet. And there’s no let up of audience, as the most viewed YouTube content continues to be topped by gamers offering up their commentary on the culture.


    Red vs. Blue, the comedy video series ‘filmed’ almost entirely using the Halo game series has gained production studio Rooster Teeth over 2.4 billion video views. Machinma.com has gone from making videos using the Quake game to one of the most significant video brands for young males worldwide – and the number 1 entertainment channel on YouTube.


    All the while, the debate around TV IP continues to rumble. As individual shows continue to become more powerful, the exploitation of programme brands has become not just an added bonus, but a core revenue stream for many production companies. This Morning tablewareBGT filmsMade In Chelsea freemium apps – finding ways to exploit existing intellectual property is now just good business sense.


    But, like it’s TV counterpart, some of the best (and craziest) ideas come from the fans. As you settle down to the biggest shows on TV this weekend, your second screen could well be an unofficial Strictly apps, a Dr Who live blog, or you may even join Sinitta and her drag queen friends as they livestream themselves watching X-factor.


    Whilst this may all seem like harmless fun, a serious debate needs to be had about where the lines are drawn. With many shows trending worldwide on twitter, but failing to convert to ratings, we can’t be far from uncomfortable situation where individuals are succeeding in monetising brands they don’t own, where production companies and broadcasters fail to do so with the core product


    The issue becomes more complex when the audience becomes the creative community. At this year’s Evo Gaming Championships, Nintendo suffered a massive PR blow when they attempted to stop the Livesteam of a tournament with their Smash Bros game. Evo organiser Joey Cuellar correctly pointed out ‘”It’s their IP, they can do what they want“. But the community was having none of it – a huge backlash ensured and the Big N quickly backtracked.


    It becomes even more muddy when innovate companies start to build experience layers on top of broadcast content. Zeebox, Shazam and of course Twitter and Facebook continue to house the conversation around programming (and naturally sell advertising in this space). If during commercial breaks, your gaze leaves TV, onto your device, who’s advertising becomes more persuasive? Should we be asking twitter to commission TV content that best drives traffic to its platform so they can profit ‘appropriately’.


    Of course, it’s the lawyers that are quick to jump into this space. At Mipcom, legal teams debated the near future, asking genuine questions of broadcasters and brand owners on where they want to the lines in the sand to be drawn. They see the opportunity to apply IP law to this wild west and profit accordingly. But at what cost to your audience?


    There is little doubt that individual programmes must start seeing themselves as intelligent brands. And with that perspective, they must engage with their audience in a smarter way, supporting innovation and clever ideas that brings more attention to the content. As your fan base grows, proper management will see genuine results, which in turn can feedback into your original idea and help make the community feel part of what you are creating.


    But ignore them, or worse bait them, at your peril – they have the tools to flip your content leaving you out of pocket and damage your content beyond recognition.


    Faraz Osman

    Creative Director


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  • J Cole picks up ANOTHER Staff Pick

    2nd August 2013 — The Blog

    Our boy J Cole has picked up another Staff Pick for his recent music video for Big Girls Vogue by Etta Bond and Raf Riley. Its a beast of a video and if you haven’t seen it yet then you can just click here to see it. 

    J Cole has done a Random Act already with Etta Bond and Raf Riley and now the Big Girls Vogue video with another Random Act in the works.

    Etta Bond, Raf Riley and J Cole are all going big places and will all probably live on the same big expensive street in a few years. Big tings.


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  • New Clean Bandit Video is Sick!!

    20th June 2013 — The Blog

    We did a live video for Clean Bandit earlier this year. Other than being nice chaps and amazing song writers they are also a dab hand at directing their own music videos. This is the video to their new single Dust Clears which the band filmed and directed themselves, one of the best videos we’ve seen for years…  lovely stuff.

    Click here to see the video 

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  • Happy Birthday Phillip Wilson

    29th May 2013 — The Blog

    On Friday we celebrated the birth of company Director Phillip Wilson who is rumoured to have turned 40 this weekend.

    As we left for the weekend the Lemonade Money crew each pondered what a man of such culture and class would do to see in his 40th year… What gifts would he receive? A man with such impeccable taste and unfaltering standards, surely we would see him return after the weekend with an 18 year old single malt whiskey or perhaps tickets to the opera. Where would he have spent his special day? the V&A for the Bowie exhibition or The Ivy for lunch? These questions spun round each of our heads over the weekend.

    Phil returned Tuesday morning definitely looking 40 having spent his birthday getting drunk in a kids play park and shouting at teenagers on skateboards. Despite being reprimanded by the park warden he was still in high spirits having received a framed photo of Denzel Washington and sunglasses that double up as a bottle opener.



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  • Man’s BMX glows in the dark…

    23rd May 2013 — The Blog

    For our most recent Random Act called Neon Love we got in contact with Bristolian BMX man Matti Hemmings, who holds the record for most flat land spins on a BMX.

    After painting a BMX white we then covered it in UV paint and took it to a big dark wharehouse in Hackney. Then we lit the room with huge black light cannons.

    Unfortunately someone got a bit over zealous with the UV spray paint and during the filming, as a black light passed over the back wall, a huge spray painted UV cock was revealed rendering that entire backdrop unusable in the shoot. Standard.





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  • We Accidentally Hired The Toughest Runner On Road…

    17th May 2013 — The Blog

    A few months ago Lemonade Money hired a fresh faced young gun called Theo. A pleasant chap who brought an innocence to an otherwise callous office. Little did we know he’s actually the darkest bastard going.

    In a nutshell we discovered he was a former arms dealer with a criminal conviction for possession of illegal explosives.

    What we thought was just a constantly confused look now appears to in fact be an icy stare.

    Havent fired him though, he is in fact sat about 3 metres from me as I type this, Googling  illegal fireworks, with the sole intent of scaring local dogs.




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  • You know you’ve made it when Britney follows you on Twitter…

    16th May 2013 — The Blog

    Winston Churchill once said;

    ‘Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’

    He was a great man, but he must have been drunk when he said this as he is wrong. Success is having Britney Spears follow you on Twitter, which is exactly what has just happened to Lemonade Money.

    We’re not entirely sure when she decided to follow our sporadic ramblings on twitter but we would like to think it was during that nutty head shaving time – we’ve never really thought about it but mid breakdown pop stars probably are our key demographic.

    Off to ask old Breakdown Bieber to follow us and  DM old Britters and ask if she fancies doing a Random Act.



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  • Random Act: Etta Bond

    16th May 2013 — The Blog

    Check out our Random Act featuring the incredible Etta Bond. One thing we enjoy most is working with genuine talent and Etta is definitely just that, an honour to work with someone early on who is undoubtedly going on to do massive things.

    666,000  people tuned in last night to watch it with a 5.1% share overall which we’re really chuffed about- you can watch it by clicking the link below.


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  • Phil the Pearl Queen

    10th May 2013 — The Blog

    Yet another wonderful snap of Phil for your viewing pleasure! Phil was asked to be a model for a fashion shoot. He’s being made into a hologram.



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  • Behind ‘The Ting’

    26th April 2013 — The Blog

    Last week we were out and about in our East London hood filming a new Random Act for Channel 4.  It’s been an exciting project for us Lemonade folk  – ‘The Ting’ is the first drama we’ve made for  the platform, which gives artists the freedom to explore creativity for the sake of creativity. Raw and uninterrupted.  Bang up our street.

    This one is written and directed by our very own Jeremy Cole and it’s WICKED.  This week J’s been in the thick of the edit and we’ve now just about reached those final polishing stages. We’re all sitting pretty damn proudly in the Lemonade Money office. Hats off, Jeremy.  We think you’re awesome.

    Shoot day was smooth.  The sun was out.  We had an awesome team all there to make great work. Our actors Michelle Tiwo and Calvin Elito nailed it (as always) and thankfully no one got carried away with set dresser  Jo’s pig’s liver.  We’re not giving too much away on the plot, but we will give you this:

    Barrington and Leroy are two adolescents who have seen their share of madness on the streets of South London. But on one Spring day, the pair are presented with something so powerful it will change their lives forever; a wish-granting phone from the future.

    Sound good?  Here’s a couple of snaps of shoot day to moisten your intrigue.

    The best snap  wasn’t taken by us though. It already shone in full glory on Phil’s lounge wall.  Let us present our very own Phil as a wee nipper.  Awww… what a cutie.

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  • Clean Bandit – Live Sessions

    22nd April 2013 — Music Projects / Our Work

    We recently filmed a live session for Clean Bandit at the Colourworks in Hackney Wick.

    We had our work cut out as these guys are talented and creative film makers themselves. We first noticed them when they released a Random Act for Channel 4 which is well worth a watch.

    It is the first of 3 live films we did for them, the other 2 will be out over the coming months.

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  • Two New Films For Iggy Azalea Lift Series

    22nd April 2013 — The Blog

    Two new films for the Iggy Azalea Vevo Lift series went live today.

    The First is ‘Who The F*ck Is Iggy Azalea?’

    We like to mark the occasion by going through the YouTube comments. Cheers JoJoFan2k7: ’The guys who edited this video was high on shrooms.”


    The Second is ‘Becoming Iggy Azalea’







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  • Perez Hilton shouts out about our stripped back Iggy

    18th April 2013 — The Blog

    This week Vevo released the ‘stripped’ film of Iggy Azalea’s new song ‘Work’ that we made. We’re all pretty proud of the film and well stoked to read Perez Hilton give it a shout out on his blog. This is what he had to say. (Cheers, Perez.)


    We’d like to give our very own shout out to musician Amy Langley, who put together the musical arrangement for the film. It was a tricky shoot to nail. The very first time Iggy, musicians and production team got together was on shoot day. With it being shot fully live and in only one take, the timings had to be orchestrated oooo so very carefully. We got there in the end, but with only 3 minutes before being kicked out of Shoreditch Town Hall. (Phew!)


    Iggy knows how to turn it on when the cameras are rolling. What an amaizng performer, with an amazing appetite for chicken. To check her out behind the scenes, click through here.

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    4th February 2013 — Our Work / The Blog

    We’ve been working with Bastille to create a series of films for  Vevo Lift.  We are absolutely loving SUPER SLOW MO stuff at the moment and really got to use it on the above  Bastille’s ‘Becoming’ film.  We got really creative with water and talc!

     CLICK  here for the full Vevo Lift campaign with Bastille.

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  • 4REAL!

    1st February 2013 — Our Work / The Blog

    We took over Channel 4 for 4 hours during the Street Summer season, curating programming and let us tell you it was pretty fun to do! In this little treat above from 4REAL, you can see one of the great opportunities the show provided. Being able to shoot with one of the UK’s best songwriters and biggest contributors to the urban music scene for the last ten years, a true talent. With him, Ms Dynamite and DJ SHYFLOW.

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  • Wicked Comp!

    24th January 2013 — The Blog





    Nokia and Burton US have teamed up again in 2013 to mark the 31st anniversary of the Burton US Open, The World’s Greatest Snowboard Event in US Open history.


    To celebrate this momentous occasion, Nokia and Burton US are inviting creative enthusiasts from around the world to submit films, photographs or artwork inspired by the subculture and lifestyle of snowboarding for the chance to join Nokia’s official AAA media team at this years Burton US Snowboarding Championships (all expenses paid) in Vail Colorado from February 25th – March 2nd.


    Whether on or off the slopes, snowboarding culture has a distinctive language, style and fashion that makes this dedicated tribe so unique. Nokia and Burton US are seeking undiscovered talent to share their vision that best showcases the spirit of the snowboarding zeitgeist.


    “Snowboarding is a sport with creativity at its heart. Do you have what it takes to capture snowboarding culture in a new and unexpected way? We’re looking for the best creative rookies out there to show us their passion. In return we’ll arm you with a unique opportunity to show us what you’re made of. We can’t wait to shine a light on your creative mastery. The adventure starts here.” – Stuart Wells, Nokia


    This awesome opportunity is open to all talented creatives who have the skills to capture the attitude and energy of this far-out lifestyle! And all you have to do is upload your own original piece of work; this can be in the form of a short film (up to 5 minutes) a photograph or design work.


    The two winners chosen by the judges, will receive a Nokia Lumia 920 device to use at the event to capture their experience in Vail, Colorado. Not only will they be able to throw themselves into the occasion, they’ll join Nokia’s official AAA media team, hang out with the pro-snowboarders and Burton crew while capturing the event from the best angles and mixing with some of the most influential people in sports, tech and culture. Those winners will have their final work shown across Nokia’s channels and one overall winner will be selected to have their final work showcased via Clash Magazine and receive $1000. All expenses including, flights, 5 star luxury accommodation, top of the range boarding equipment and travel for four nights will be covered.


    Talenthouse is powering this Creative Invite and they’re thrilled to be working with Nokia, sharing this life-changing opportunity with their own community and out to the wider network of hungry photographers, artists and filmographers. Talenthouse is the artistic home for creative collaboration. This influential online community is a place where artists and creatives can express their passions, collaborate on unique projects with leading artists and brands, share their work and grow their influence.


    FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO: http://bit.ly/10eFK0l



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    13th December 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

    A DANDY PUNK, a former member of the Cirque de Soleil interacts with some incredible illustrations using the amazing process of projection mapping. We’d love to take the credit for this one but it’s the genius of our friend from New York the Dandy Punk who features in the film. Sick.

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    10th December 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

    Whooo! Where to start?!

    We travelled up to Liverpool to film Conor Maynard perform at the O2 Academy, now most production crews would cower at the  sight of a baying mob of screaming girls waiting outside a venue. Not LEMONADE MONEY, with most of the production crew having boy band-esque looks (if boy bands where 30+) it was hard to know that day where the pop star world ended and the film crew world started.

    Take a look at the other tracks we shot from that gig

    The gig isn’t where it ended our very own BARTLEBERRY was so overwhelmed by Conor’s performance he decided to opt out on the provided hotel beds, and settled for the patterned corridor carpets.

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  • Don’t Panic – Empty Spaces video!

    6th November 2012 — Latest News / The Blog


    Lucy ‘Monki‘ Monkman is one of the sickest DJs around at the moment.  If you don’t know get to know.  Not only is she super talented and super cool she now has her own label – Zoo Music.

    So when she asked us to do their first music video for their second ever release we were pretty stoked.  Monki is part of the LM fam, and used to help us out back in the day when we were making No Hats No Trainers, it was pretty obvious she was going places and we are well proud of what she has already achieved (god knows where she is going to be by the time she is my age, probably president of the world or some isht)

    We wanted to make something that was ravey but kind of took you on a bit of a trip – enter total legend Mark Todd (Wagon Design) who using VJ software recorded and mixed the visuals live – it took the duration of the track to do the cut.  End result = mental and brilliant.

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  • Pro Green Competition…

    14th September 2012 — The Blog


    So the lovely ladies at TwoTone PR have put us on to a comp where you  can create a promo for ZTE (big new mobile phone company) featuring Pro Green’s track Remedy.  It needs to be about 20 seconds long and can be film, motion graphics, whatever the hell you want and you can win a grand.  Your promo will also get used for their official shiz so if you’ve got a bit of time get stuck in.  There is only ONE WEEK left until the comp closes but could be good exposure!


    Anyhow if you want a bit more info CLICK HERE



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    4th July 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

    It’s the final show of our Nandos Gignics series. We’ve had a wicked time making it and we’d all like to give a shout out to the whole of the Nandos team for looking after us and giving us free chicken as we captured the event.Previous shows included: Rizzle Kicks, Chew Lips, Clement Marfo, JLS, Adam Deacon, Reverend and the Makers and King Charles.




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    26th June 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

    We got a call from Ministry of Sound the other day, and the conversation went a little bit like this:


    Ministry: Hey Lemonade Money, what you doing on Tuesday?


    Lemonade Money: Umm….To be honest Ministry, I’m pretty busy. My girlfriend’s having a perm and it’s raining outside so I need to pick her up because she doesn’t want to get her barnet wet and I ……………..


    Ministry: Oh that’s shame. We really wanted to shoot DJ Fresh live at Koko. He’s got special guests turning up like Rita Ora, Rizzle Kicks, Dizzee Rascal, Miss Dynamite……


    Lemonade Money: OK Ministry, Say no more. Tell Dizzee that I’m on my way.

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    25th June 2012 — Our Work / The Blog

    They’re back on the road.

    After doing a bit of porridge at her majesty’s pleasure, the duo are out and looking to pick up where they left off. They rang up on Lemonade Money as soon as they were free and persuaded us to produce the promo for their latest single “On Dis Ting”. Shadrack and Abendigo have now become part of the Lemonade family and we’ll be  putting out more material for you to have a laugh too.

    The roads will never be the same again.

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