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    A Jokes few shoots with FOXES, bubbling with energy she soldiered through the shoots smashing and dashing everything in her wake, high heels and all.


    We delved into depths unseen by most, examining foxes wardrobe and what a wardrobe it was. Foxes is Stylized.


    Have a gander…





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    The Origins of House

    Directed by one of our own, Jeremy Cole, the origins of house is a journey to the real roots of house and back. What’s that you say? So Bass Hunter didn’t invent house music?… f*ck no… educate yourselves.



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    young fathers -return to the love (trailer)

    Lemonade Money’s director Jeremy Cole does it again.

    A short emotive film written and narrated by Tim Brinkhurst, with music from Young Fathers. The coming-to-age tale explores the struggles of acceptance and adolescence, set in the small but real multi-cultural world of Edinburgh – home to Young Fathers. A powerful film not to be missed.


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    Don’t Panic – Empty Spaces video!


    Lucy ‘Monki‘ Monkman is one of the sickest DJs around at the moment.  If you don’t know get to know.  Not only is she super talented and super cool she now has her own label – Zoo Music.

    So when she asked us to do their first music video for their second ever release we were pretty stoked.  Monki is part of the LM fam, and used to help us out back in the day when we were making No Hats No Trainers, it was pretty obvious she was going places and we are well proud of what she has already achieved (god knows where she is going to be by the time she is my age, probably president of the world or some isht)

    We wanted to make something that was ravey but kind of took you on a bit of a trip – enter total legend Mark Todd (Wagon Design) who using VJ software recorded and mixed the visuals live – it took the duration of the track to do the cut.  End result = mental and brilliant.


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    So Fresh So Clean!

    Dj Fresh is back with one of the best live shows that we’ve seen in a while.

    Not only did we film the entire gig, but we got to hang out backstage with him, Dizzie Rascal, Rita Ora, Miss Dynamite and the Rizzle Kicks. It was pure jokes and good times.

    Keep a look out for some of the live performances on our site.

    Until then why not take a look at our boy Dizzie featuring on Fresh’s track ‘The Power’.



  • Sway Level up Apprentice

    Sway is on the next level

    We’re celebrating baby!

    Our Sway Lyric video just hit the one million mark.

    Everyone in Lemonade Money wants to give Sway a big CONGRATS on this one.

    Directed by James (Beej) Harford, we have to give him respect for making a stand out piece of work, and if you like the Sway video, then take a look at the Rizzle Kicks video here that he recently made 


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    Rita Ora live

    If you doubted Rita Ora’s vocal ability, then your a fool.

    This girl can sing, and we shot her live gig in London a few weeks ago.

    Just click here and we’ll transport you to some more of our live performances.

    Big shout to Vevo for getting us involved again.


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    KISS FM – ‘Listen Up!’

    Tasked with the objective of bringing gravitas to KISS FM’s breakfast show and establishing a relationship between the presenters and a youth audience. This is the first 30” advert made for the Bauer network


  • L`oreal Logo

    L’Oreal Studio | Exclusive!

    Yet ANOTHER new client for 2012, L’Oreal are firmly established as one of the leading beauty brands on the planet and have (quite rightly) commissioned one of the leading new production companies this side of Shoreditch to produce some exclusive Behind The Scenes content for the launch of a brand new product later this year!


  • Josh Osho & Childish Gambino

    Childish Gambino & Josh Osho

    Last Thursday saw the LM Crew take a short trip to Camp in Old Street to film the album launch for Childish Gambino’s ‘Camp’, which is released by Warners in February 2012.


    He was supported by our friend Josh Osho.